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PDF to Word & PDF to Excel & PDF to Html & PDF to Txt are included in PDF Converter Suite. It also supports Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, Text to PDF, Webpage to PDF, PNG to PDF, JEPG to PDF, Html to PDF. What's more, it allows you to extract text from images in PDF with OCR. OCR refers to Optical Character Recognition. Our OCR helps to change scanned or image-based files into editable and searchable documents. With PDF converter Suite, you can to convertyour PDF documents and recognize text via OCR.

1. Convert PDF to Word.  
2. Convert PDF to Excel.  
3. Convert PDF to Txt.  
4. Convert PDF to Html.  
5. Convert PDF to Images.  
6. Convert PDF to Tiff.  
7. Convert PDF to Tiff (Multi-page Tiff).  
8. Convert Word to PDF.  
9. Convert Excel to PDF.  
10. Convert Html to PDF.  
11. Convert Images to PDF.  
12. Convert Txt to PDF.  
13. Convert PPT to PDF.  


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